Monday, April 8, 2013

The Shift

What could be more classic and timeless then a shift dress? Hubert Givenchy is credited with designing the shift dress. However Lilly Pulitzer is believed to be the one who made the shift dress popular. Everyone should have at least one shift dress in their wardrobe! I am a huge fan of the shift dress, you can wear it to work, an event, or just to wear in everyday life. The shift dress is classic, timeless, elegant, and always evolving to stay stylish and fashionable. So this year make the shift into spring in style with a shift dress! After all, with names like Givenchy and Lilly Pulitzer attached to the design and popularity of the shift dress how could it be anything other then perfection! Here are a few of my favorite shift dress for this spring and summer. Click on the name of the dress for the website. 

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