Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pearls Are A Southern Belle's Best Friend

Diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend, but in the South a Southern Belle has two best friends, diamonds and pearls! If you live in the South and you don’t own a pair of pearls, honey, I simply don’t know how you survive! Word of advice: once you cross that Masson Dixon Line treat yourself to a pair of pearls if you don’t already own a set, you won’t regret it. As I have stated in a previous post, Southerners wear their pearls everywhere: from the gym all the way up to black tie events, pearls are acceptable for any occasion. Pearls are classic, elegant, simple, and will never go out of style. As you have probably already gathered, pearls are a quintessential part of the Southern lifestyle. Here are some beautiful pearls; click on the name of the piece for the website. 

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