Tuesday, March 30, 2021

It's The Small Things

 Now, more than ever, I feel like it is important to absorb all the positive things that are going on in life, no matter how big or small. It seems that the small things that bring joy in life or usually overlooked, especially on days that seem to have more downs than ups. 

I know most people feel like February is their hump month they need to make it through, but for me, it always seems to be March. I honestly don’t get why people get so frustrated with the month of February…it’s the shortest month of the year, the weather is predictable, there’s always the hope for one last snow, and pink and red are basically the officially color of February. Then this March… it might be 70s one day and 40s the next, you never quite know how to dress, there is always a chance of rain, and it is like this weird limbo month between winter and spring. 


Maybe I am a standing alone in my stance on March, but it really does give you an extra lift in spirit when you take not of the positive things, and usually when you start to notice one positive others always seem to follow. So here are a few of the small things I have noticed lately, that really do add up in the long run.


The smell of a new book


Fresh flowers {always and always}


An unexpected text from a friend


The sighting of blooms on trees


Turning on the television and finding your favorite movie is just getting ready to start


Dogs playing


Dog cuddles 


A fresh, warm pizza with the perfect cheese to sauce ratio


Fresh bed sheets


The perfect seventy-degree day


The smell of fresh cut grass


Amazing Sales


Discovering a forgotten gift card


Warm cookies fresh out of the oven


The sound of rain right before you fall asleep


Listening to Rat Pack music


The feel of the sun on your back


Having a perfect eye liner day


Having a perfect hair day


Bringing a smile to another person’s face

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