Friday, March 12, 2021

Links I'm Loving

 Cannot believe that this weekend is the weekend that we all spring forward… I have conflicting feelings about {such a small thing, I know} 1) are we really in our third month of 2021 and 2) I’m kind of not ready for spring… I usually am, but the past year has just been so weird it’s been kind of nice having a few cozy months by the fire. Spring is always beautiful though… I still secretly have my fingers crossed for one last snowfall… For now though, here are a few links I am loving from this past week!

One// Totally Clingy Dog

This is 100% my dogs at the moment. As humans, we may not have always enjoyed the limits the pandemic placed on our lives, but our dogs have without a doubt very much enjoyed the season of Covid, and this video is so spot on.


Two// Serena & Lily Sale

Serena & Lily lands in my top 5 favorite home goods website that is out there. All of their things are just so perfect and beautiful, offering anything from hand towels to furniture. This weekend you can receive 20% off the entire website with code NEWLEAF


Three// Stuffed Bell Peppers

This is one of my all time favorite recipes. I usually thing of stuffed peppers as being a little on the heavy side, but these are super light and healthy, plus, it’s a very easy recipe


Four// Yes Day

I feel like Jennifer Garner is everyone’s best friend that they just haven’t met yet. She always seems so happy, nice, and upbeat, and lets not forget to mention how fun her Instagram is! Her new movie, ‘Yes Day’, was just released on Netflix and it is such a fun, lighthearted watch


Five// Peach Fallon Dress

I just discovered the Pomander Place brand last year, and I absoutly love everything I have purchased from them so far. All of their things are so reasonably priced, flattering, and fantastic quality. I love the color and fit of this particular dress! Runs true to size

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