Monday, September 2, 2019

Guest Post :: Stylish Baby Shoer Gift Ideas

A few years ago it seems that I have entered into the age group where people are either looking to get engaged, engaged, married, or having a baby, so, needlessly to say I am always on the look out for a gift of some sorts. No one in my family has had a baby yet so it is always a bit of a challenge when it comes to getting a baby shower gift, luckily most people seem to have a register, but when there isn’t one I’m always worried about picking out a gift that might be the recipients taste or being in the deep end of trying to figure out what is a good ‘it’ baby gadget. Today Peter Minkoff has put together a couple fabulous baby shower gifts incase you are ever in the need for a little baby gift inspiration.
Moms-to-be are often put in the center of attention by the people around them. As they should, because when the baby comes, they will not only be deprived of the attention, but of sleep, nerves, and the will to do anything at the end of the day. A baby shower is like one last big party for the mom before she begins the new chapter, and her friends are there to show support. And while all the gifts are usually focused on the baby, you also want to take into consideration what the mom would like and for a classy, stylish mom, these would be the perfect gifts:


In a lot of countries, it’s a tradition to pierce the baby’s ears pretty soon after they’re born, especially if it’s a girl. But there are other pieces of jewelry that you can get them. There are a few rules you should follow: get a bigger size, because if you’re buying a necklace for a baby, they won’t put it on them before they’re a bit older and it doesn’t represent a hazard, so you want it to fit. Make sure it doesn’t have any sharp edges so that the baby can’t hurt itself wearing it and make sure it’s appropriate: nothing too big and blingy, but something subtle and gentle. If you really want to go the extra mile, get a mother and child set, so that they have matching pieces.


Babies go through a lot of clothes, fast. They grow at a crazy rate and if the parents are buying all of the clothes, they will spend a whole lot of money. Find a kids clothes sale and buy things that are a few sizes bigger, like a size for a one-year-old, because if the baby is close to being born, you can bet that they already have closets overflowing with newborn clothes. Choose something that is both stylish and practical. Something for every day that is comfortable and won’t annoy the kid while they’re wearing it, but that looks great, like any stylish parent would want for their kid.

Something Big

The parents are eventually going to need a stroller, a feeding chair, a rocking bassinet, and so many other things, but this can be quite expensive for one person to get. However, if you get multiple friends to all pitch in and get one big gift instead of ten diaper cakes, you will be helping the parents-to-be a ton and they will certainly be grateful for such a gift. Before deciding to buy something like that, you want to check with the receivers and see what they need, because what a waste it would be to get them something they already have or have ordered and is being delivered. When choosing the piece, make sure it matches the aesthetic of their home because the last thing they want is an eye sore.


There are now so many technological pieces that help parents be parents. From slip-on socks that monitor the baby’s heart rate with the app connected to your phone, to monitors and even cameras. Electric rocking chairs that play soothing sounds to the baby to help them fall asleep, mini-blenders for their tiny portions of food, bottle warmers and washers, and so many other things. 
These are all considered non-essentials and the parents probably won’t buy it themselves with all the other expenses coming their way, so it really makes a perfect gift.
No matter what you get, remember that the baby isn’t going to be aware of the gift at all and that what you are getting is really going to the parents, so shop with them in mind. Their life is about to get a lot happier but a lot harder and you want to make it as easy as you can for them.

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