Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Guest Post :: 5 Style Mistakes No Bridesmaid Should Make

I just recently got engaged so when Peter Minkoff wanted to write a wedding related post I was super excited! Right now I am leaning towards only having my sister in my wedding, but it is definitely an exciting time and it is always exciting to be invited to be in a wedding. So for today here are the five style mistakes no bridesmaid should make!
Being asked to be a bridesmaid is something many girls enjoy and are happy about. It is usually your best friend, and it is a perfect occasion to look great and have a good time. If the bridesmaid dresses are not all the same, you can incorporate a bit of your style in the outfit, but make sure you don’t make these common mistakes. 

Wearing Mini, Provocative Dresses

Unless the bride specifically asked for this type of dress (which we doubt), you should stay away from mini, revealing dresses, especially if they are too tight as well. Firstly, it is not an appropriate wedding attire for any guest, but you as a bridesmaid want to look a certain way. The best choice, you can't go wrong with are midi dresses because they allow you to play with patterns, prints, and length. A knee-length body dress will look amazing, regardless of it being tight. Or if you want something a bit lighter, an empire waist dress can be a great option for a bridesmaid.

Avoid Dresses Similar To A Wedding Dress

Needless to say, a wedding is the most important day for the bride and the groom, so naturally, they should get all the attention. If for example the theme of the wedding is light colors, and you show up in a maxi, white dress it wouldn't be fair to the bride. This is why, if you are wearing light colors, make sure they are not pure white, and that the dress doesn’t have many similarities with a true wedding gown. This means, without much lace, pearls or glitter. You can be creative here and get a jumpsuit, which will clearly not be the bride’s outfit choice and add an interesting belt to make it more stylish. 

Heavy Makeup And Hair

Along those lines of not stealing the attention from the bride, it is worthwhile mentioning to keep it nice and simple. This means no heavy makeup or complex hairstyles. Keep it natural and soft, especially if you don’t know what the bride’s makeup and hair are going to look like. Unless it’s her desire, don’t use accessories in your hair, and if you think that is a good option, you can suggest it to the bride, and have all bridesmaids wear it. Loose waves, or straight hair, even a high pony tale are good options for a hairstyle. As long as the makeup goes, you can’t really be that wrong. 

Not Respecting The Bride’s Wishes

If a bride has a certain dress code, she wants you to follow, respect that wish. It is her wedding, and she gets to choose that. If the dress happens to not be your style, try to compensate in another way, like picking your jewelry or shoes. After all, you are there to help the bride with everything, so you should also be thoughtful about outfits. But we are sure you won't have any problems since most brides today choose gorgeous dresses for their bridesmaids as well.

Not Speaking Up

We mentioned multiple times that you should respect the bride's wishes. However, sometimes you may feel uncomfortable in a dress that she has picked. It is important to speak up and say that, and see if you can make a deal with the bride, to choose something you feel more comfortable in. Most brides just want everyone to be happy and cheerful, so this will probably not be a problem. And it is important to you because you will be able to relax and help her and everyone else enjoy the magical day. So, if something bothers you, find a compromise with the bride.
Being a bridesmaid makes you feel so happy and special. If you want your friend’s wedding to be just perfect, follow the tips we gave here are you can’t go wrong. After all, you can be creative in every outfit and add something of your style.

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