Thursday, August 22, 2019

Guest Post :: How To Look Chic During The Summer Heat

I have been completely melting in the summer heat lately, seriously, when is fall finally going to arrive?! In the meantime, believe it or not, we still have a few hot weeks ahead of us. There is however an upside, summer fashion is soooo on point this year! Peter Minkoff is sharing a few tips on how to look chic during the summer heat. 
Whether you’re spending the hot and humid summer months in the city or you’re planning a long tropical getaway during your summer vacation, there’s no denying that dressing for the scorching heat presents its own set of challenges. If you’re anything like most girls, all you want to do is wear your awful old tank top and a pair of rugged denim shorts, because everything even remotely fashionable seems impossible in this heat. However, you should never have to sacrifice your style in the horrible summer heat. So, here’s what to wear when it’s too hot to wear anything:

Cute crop tops

Light, breezy and very breathable, crop tops might be the best option for unbearable summer heat. They can easily look chic and fashionable, with updates like ruffles, nice fabrics and subtle prints, and they can even be paired with high-waisted trousers and skirts for work-appropriate outfits. However, if showing more skin during the summer isn’t for you, sleek, flowing tank tops in lightweight materials, such as cotton and linen, are a great alternative.
Breezy culott
When the temperatures are so high, the last thing you want to think about are trousers. However, sometimes you have to dress up for work and you don’t want to go through the hassle of wearing a structured dress every day. That is where culottes come in– trousers that are as cool as the weather is hot. They are very airy and breathable, they don’t cling to your skin, and they give you enough room to move around freely, making them the perfect alternative to trousers on hot summer days.

Lightweight skirts

While shorts might seem like the obvious option, they often tend to cling to your skin and create an annoying and uncomfortable situation. That is why flowy skirts might be the best option for such scorching summer heat, especially those in an A-line or skater style. Whether you choose a cute miniskirt for casual everyday looks or an elegant midi skirt for the office and fun nights out, this item can easily be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion, and it’s perfect for keeping you cool during the summer heat.

Airy sundresses

Lightweight, breezy and stunningly feminine, sundresses are the ideal outfit option for hot and humid summer days. As long as you choose one that is comfortable and versatile enough, such as an amazing Realisation Par dress, you can easily dress it up with a pair of heels for the office or a night on the town, or keep it casual with a pair of sneakers and sandals for a cute everyday outfit. From linen blazers and sleek leather totes to sparkly clutches and statement jewelry pieces, you can pair a chic sundress with almost anything you own to create an incredibly fashionable summer look.

Straw hats

When you spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer, hats are one of the most important accessories. They protect you from the harmful sunrays, so that you don’t depend solely on the sunscreen that can easily sweat off in the heat. However, baseball caps and hats made out of thicker materials can get very hot very quickly. That is why a straw hat is the perfect solution. It’s light and breezy, and it provides adequate protection, while still taking your outfit to the next level and making you feel nice and cool. 

Chic slides

Slides are without a doubt summer’s most fashionable shoe. Not only are they very easy to put on and take off, with no annoying straps and buckles, but they won’t overheat your feet like some mules and ballet flats would. The pain of sweaty feet in the summer is familiar to all of us, and a chic pair of slides will completely avoid that problem. But apart from the practicality, sleek slides are also very versatile, and they can easily take you from brunch with your girlfriends to the beach, making them the ultimate summer shoes that can complement any outfit.
These incredible tips will keep you cool and refreshed, so that you can go about your day without a worry in mind, while helping you navigate the hotter temperatures in style.

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