Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Disney Still Making Magic Happen

Is there anyone else out there who’s an adult, but still watches Disney movies!? There is just something about the opening scene of every Disney movie that awakes the child that still lives within you and brings you back to a time that was simpler in life and where magic and anything living within your imagination was still possible. 
I love how Disney has been recreating their classic animated movies with real people, I also walk away from them feeling so happy and light. I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I was so taken away and transported into the real life Cinderella movie and Lilly James was so perfect for the part, and when I saw the Broadway Cinderella play it honestly fell short compared to the movie. 

I am beyond excited about the new Lion King movie being released this weekend. I remember being seven and going to see the animated version back in the 90s! My sister and I wore matching Lion King shirts and the 90’s shorts that went down to you knees… not going to lie, I kind of wish I still had my oversized Lion King shirt, because I would totally wear it when I go to see the new movie. 

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