Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Guest Post :: 5 Ways To Be A Better Party Host

One of mine, and almost everyone else’s favorite sayings out there is ‘the hostess with the mostest’ and that is something we all aspire to be when hosting a party. Some times though there is so much work to do on the tail end of things that it is at times a bit of a challenge to be at our best at the actual time of the party. Today Peter Minkoff is sharing 5 absolutely fabulous tips on how to be a better party host!
Throwing a party can be a bit of stress if you’re not experienced or you simply don’t know where to start. People often make mistakes when hosting parties, as they forget to divide their attention amongst all guests, or they’re trying to micromanage everything so, instead of having fun, they end up being too busy. If you’re looking to throw a party, here are some tips that will help you be a better party host:

1. Plan ahead

The organization is the key, no matter what you’ve heard before. Planning everything beforehand will help you be relaxed during the party. Make sure you have a complete guest list so you’ll know how to plan the catering and drinks. You don’t need to run around trying to keep everything and everyone in line, but at least try to ensure that everything’s running smoothly, and always have a plan B in case something happens. For those who prefer technology, there are some apps that can help you with organizing your perfect party. Many of them can let you create your personal to-do list or even a guest list. Also, provide your guests with all the necessary information, so they’ll be able to come without getting lost.

2. Make your guests feel welcome

good party host will always personally greet guests as they arrive, and preferably introduce guests to each other, so they’d feel more relaxed. If you don’t have waiters serving drinks, offer your guests a drink. In case you have a lot of people coming over, it’s more practical to have a bar and a person serving drinks, so you can just point them to a bar. Make sure to mingle and talk to all your guests equally, throughout the party. If there are too many people, you can even create a game that can be used to break the ice and make people get to know each other better. Invite only the people you feel comfortable with and if there are any grudges between some guests, make sure to talk to all of them before the party so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises or altercations. 

3. Create a relaxing atmosphere

The atmosphere will, of course, depend on the party itself. If you’re planning a disco party at the garden, make sure to get some strobe lights and a hire a DJ, but if you want just an intimate gathering, you can find nice, chill music like jazz, trip hop or reggae, and let your guests do their thing. Be sure to set the right mood by decorating the place with scented candle supplies as they can contribute to an intimate and friendly atmosphere. In case that’s not enough, you can add various bouquets or flower pots. The smell is extremely important especially if you have smokers coming, thus make sure to have a designated smoking area so there won’t be unpleasant odor during the party. 

4. Consider your guests’ dietary habits

Even if you decide to hire a catering service, it’s important to check your guests’ eating habits and food preferences. If you want, create a survey and email it to them. Some people have food allergies, others are vegan or lactose-intolerant, so make sure to include various eating options so everyone feels full and satisfied. In case you’re cooking, be sure to make the food you’re familiar with, as dinner party isn’t the best time to try out new recipes you’ve found online, no matter how tempting they might seem. Also, if your guests will be standing, it’s better to prepare finger food or canapes, so they won’t have to struggle with knives and forks. Additionally, don’t forget to include dessert and coffee at the end of the party. 

5. Relax and be yourself

It might be easier said and done, but the last thing you need at your party is to feel tense. Obviously, since you’re the host, you also need to be alert to a degree, but still, don’t forget to have fun. Don’t worry about cleaning up or dishes, because everything can wait till the next day. Focus on yourself and your friends, eat the food you’ve made and feel free to drink a bit more than usual. Dance, enjoy music, and don’t forget to joke and laugh!

In the end, there’s no such thing as a perfect host. Some people are hard to please and you should never focus on them. Instead, be grateful for all the friends you have in your life and remember that throwing a party is all about having a great time with the people you care about. 

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