Friday, December 21, 2018

Guest Post :: How To Explore New Zealand

I absolutely love how the timing of this guest post worked out. The holiday season is always exciting, but it definitely has its stressful high points here and there. I’ve always thought it would be nice to take a vacation after the holidays just to give your self a chance to come off of the holiday high. Plus, places would still be decorated for the holidays and how fun would it be to explore a new city under the glow of a few twinkle lights?! Today Peter Minkoff is sharing his top four tips for exploring New Zealand!
If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan and you’ve always wanted to live in Hobbiton, then perhaps New Zealand, the real-life Hobbiton village, might just be the perfect destination for you. New Zealand is one of the few world destinations that are really mind-blowingly beautiful, and it would be such a shame to skip it and not see all the gems it has to offer. This country is a small one, yet it has it all – from the crowded but still so pretty streets of Auckland to amazing farms that you have to see. So, if you’re thinking of visiting New Zealand, let’s see how to explore it like a local? 

1. See the most important (and hidden) attractions

Obviously, the first thing that you need to do is make a list of all the prettiest sights and places that you want to see in New Zealand. For this, you definitely need to have your camera with you (make sure you have enough battery, though, as you will be using it constantly!). Apart from the most important attractions, make sure you have the Bay of Plenty on your list. This place is known as Sea of Toi to the Maori people, but the English name was given by Captain James Cook. The Bay of Plenty is home to New Zealand’s only active marine volcano, the White Island, which is located not very far away from the shore. This bay also spoils for choice when beaches are concerned – there is a plethora of white sandy beaches that front the bay, and it’s your job to see them all and take some amazing photographs. If you’re a nature lover, then you should definitely check out the small town of Kaiteriteri, which is not very popular with international tourists but it serves as the gateway to the Abel Tasman National Park which is by far the most beautiful national park in New Zealand.

2. Drive around

In order to fully explore a certain place, driving is the way to go, as you get to make your own plans and actually make all the detours that you want in order to explore it just a bit more. The case with New Zealand is not different though, as each detour will lead you to the most secluded and magical parts of this spectacular island. In order to fully experience this trip, you need to know what car to hire – opting for Avis rental car, for example, is the best idea. Another good thing about renting a vehicle? You can stop wherever you want – either for a cup of coffee, taking photos or simply enjoying the magnificent views.

3. Stay with the locals

It’s not the same visiting New York for example, and staying in New Jersey. It’s certainly not the same feeling. However, the case with New Zealand is a bit different though – the best way to experience this place is by staying with the locals in the rural areas of the island. The farming on this island is a huge deal(many tourists opt to return here and work on a farm), and the beauty of the farms and mountains that surround them cannot be properly explained, at least not in this article, nor in any other article for that matter. That is why you simply have to experience this, so it would be a great idea to allocate a couple of days and find locals who would be willing to accommodate you on their farm.

4. The New Zealand Hike

Once in New Zealand, you cannot skip on doing a hike on one of its many routes. You can basically choose whatever part of the island you want, and start from there (even National Geographic encourages this!). After all, this is probably the best way to experience the true nature of this magical island – the magnificent views of the Lake Wanaka or the waterfalls and volcano peaks of the Tongario National Park. Simply take your pick.

Perhaps we haven’t been lucky enough to be born as Kiwis in this lifetime, but perhaps we should give the cosmos a clue that we would like to have New Zealand as our home in the next one? Be as it may, this is definitely a destination you want to visit. And don’t be just as a regular tourist, but actually indulge in the authentic life of the locals. 

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