Saturday, February 11, 2017

Beauty And The Beast

When the cartoon movie, Beauty and the Beast, came out I was absolutely obsessed with everything about the movie: characters, songs, clothes, the rose, just everything. I even used to wear a white apron and a blue ribbon in my hair, carry a book around, and would spin in and out of every room in the house, singing songs from the movie, pretending I was Belle. I’m sure my parents were extremely sad to see this phase of my childhood end…

I know it is a little over a month away but I’m already pretty excited about the upcoming movie, Beauty and the Beast! A couple years ago Disney re-did Cinderella with real actors and I absolutely fell in love with that rendition – it is easily in my top 3 favorite movies of all time. I cannot wait to see what Disney has done with Beauty and the Beast. Honestly though, does anyone really ever outgrow their love for a Disney and the iconic ballots that goes along with them?


  1. She looks exactly like Belle!

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  4. In short, Beauty And The Beast is a landmark production just as remarkable today as when it was first released...