Thursday, February 11, 2016

War and Peace

I have to admit that I have never actually read the novel War and Peace. There is no doubt in my mind that War And Peace is a literary piece that will with stand the test of time and I am sure it is a beautifully written novel; I was fearful that War and Peace like so many other Russian novels written around its time would not have a pleasant ending. After watching the new War and Peace I will definitely be reading the novel – I really like the ending and am sure the book is ten times better than the movie.

Lily James if quickly become one of my favorite actresses, she always carries herself with such grace and confidence. I first saw her as Rose on Downton, then as Cinderella, and now as Natasha in War and Peace.

Over the past four weeks I have become a little obsessed with this mini series/movie. Will Natasha end up with Andrei, will Pierre escape the situation of his less than pleasant wife and find true happiness, will Nikolai end up with his cousin or find deeper love. It is easy to get lost in the beautiful backdrop of Russia that War and Peace is set in, the family drama, and you slowly find yourself routing for and falling in love with certain characters as the story progresses.

This current version of War and Peace is most definitely watching on Netflix or On Demand.


  1. I love both of these actors from PBS, I must rent this!

  2. Im going to have to see this! :)

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    Great photos. Lovely and inspiring designs.

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