Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Garden Spells

Recently I have become a fan of basically any book written by Sarah Addison Allen. She always seems to be able to work an element of magic into her book that is enchanting and seems to perfectly tie the story line together. The element of magic and Allen’s writing style makes her books almost impossible not to get lost in and caught up in the world she has created.

I read Garden Spells back in November while I was at the beach for Thanksgiving; did I mention Sarah Addison Allen’s books are pretty much the perfect beach read? I can’t believe haven’t posted a review of this book sooner, but with Christmas and the holiday I was more caught up doing holiday posts.

The Waverley’s have always been considered a curious family that is endowed with peculiar gifts. Unfortunately these gifts make them outsiders in their own hometown of Bascom, NC. Even their garden posses powers, the most well-known one being an enchanted apple tree that bears a special kind of apple.

Claire Waverley, a successful caterer, who prepares dishes made with the magical plants from her family’s garden. Evanelle, the elderly cousin, who distributes presents to those she feels will need a certain item at some point in the future. Then there is Sydney, the rebellious sister who left Bascom at the first chance she could, abandoning Claire. When Sydney returns home years later with a young daughter of her own, Claire’s life routine life is turned upside down. The sister come to the conclusion that they must mend their relationship and deal with the family legacy if they are ever to feel truly at home in their own hometown.

GardenSpells is a great book to escape into and get lost in the enchanting world Addison has created.


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