Sunday, October 4, 2015

Vanishing Girls

It has been awhile since the last book review, but I just honestly haven’t read a book in a few weeks worth posting on the blog. However, Vanishing Girls, by Lauren Oliver, is one book that is definitely worth sharing on the blog.

Vanishing Girls may be a classified as a “young adult” book, but it is a book with some great writing and a very unpredictable ending. I started this book thinking it would be a nice change of pace from other books I have read. Full disclosure: when I started to figure out the twist of the book at the very end I had to Google for a synopsis of the book just to make sure I was on the write path of thinking.

Dara and Nick, two sisters that used to be inseparable, until they are in a car accident one night. Dara, the passenger that night, suffers more injuries than Nick. The accident leaves Dara’s face scarred and the two sisters become estranged. Nick goes to live with her father after the accident, but when she is caught skinny dipping she is sent to live with her mother and faced with the aftermath of the accident and how it has affected her relationship with her sister.

When Dara vanishes on her birthday, Nick thinks that Dara is just playing another one of her games. However, another girl, Madeline Snow, vanished a little early that summer, and Nick becomes more and more convinced that the two disappearances are related. Nick is compelled to find her sister before it is too late.

Vanishing Girls quickly turns into a page turner of a book: drama, mystery, scandal, and one heck of a twist at the end. This book is a great psychological thriller that I highly recommend.


  1. I love books with a twist ending! And all I read now a days is "young adult" books! Sometime "adult books" get boring!

    Love Always,

    1. Haha agreed! It is always good to switch things up!