Friday, May 3, 2024

Goals & Dreams

 Up until a few year ago I used to think that goals and dreams were two entirely different things; dreams were something that were lofty and something that more than likely would not come true, and goals were something that were more concrete and attainable. However, at some point I started to feel like goals and dreams are synonymous with each other – they’re both a vision that we hope will come to life one day. So, if anyone ever refers to you as a dreamer, I would view that as one of the best compliments because it means you have a lot of vision for yourself. 

The past few years have undoubtedly been crazy on some level, good or bad, for every single person, and sometimes that can shift our thinking, or at least it has for me, or more accurately the vision I have for myself. So I thought it would be fun to share a few of my hope, dreams, and goals with you all!

One// Live in a different city

If someone told me ten years ago that one day I would want to live somewhere other than Nashville, I would have thought they were crazy. I think it’s a combination of life events, visiting different places, and living in a city that is constantly changing. I still think Nashville is a wonderful place to live, but as the city has turned into a tourist destination and desirable city for anyone and everyone to move to, from the perspective of a local, I feel like there is less and less to do… and more gimmicky things… 

Starting about six years ago, I started to think that it would be fun to live somewhere else… I’m honestly open to anything and everything that life has to offer right now, and honestly who knows where life will take anyone… For now though, I hope to end up in the New York or New England area one day… I have some family that is from the city and upstate New York and the New York area speaks to my heart, and the New England area sings to my soul. I honestly feel like a puzzle piece that fits in there and that area aligns with some things I eventually would like to do, but whether I leave or stay, I will always be rooted in the South. 

Two// Write a Book

I feel like this is possibly a lofty goal/dream, but I feel like this is a case of if someone else can do it then I can as well. I think it would be one of the neatest things to walk into a bookstore and see a book on a shelf, that I wrote. I feel like I have a few stories in me… I have actually started some stories, so deep down I feel like this is a wish that will hopefully come true

Three// Have a Family

This is the one I want the most, the one I worry about the most, and the one I really, really hope happens. If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that I broke off an engagement a few years ago, and let me just say, the dating world is interesting… I set on not settling, and I actually say a prayer every night on the subject…

 Since my ex, I have dated one person who I really thought was it, but he disappeared, I kind of feel like it was my fault… but on the other hand, the right person probably wouldn’t go silent because someone was having a moment… Truthfully, I’m more than ready to feel settled, and have a team mate again, and someone to share in the excitement of life with again, so I hope the search comes to an end very, very soon… If you are or know a James Stewart type feel free to email me…. But until that happens there is always the hope that the right person is out there. 

Would love to hear some of your hopes and dreams!

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