Friday, April 12, 2024

Daughter of Mine

 Spring has sprung, the weather is warming up, and the season of for reading a ridiculous amount of books if finally here. Honestly, any time is a perfect time to read a book, in my opinion, but there’s something about sitting by pool, on a beach, or even the comfort of your own back porch that makes the reading experience that much sweeter. Megan Miranda is such a talented suspense writer. The first book of hers I read was “All the Missing Girls”, and I was hooked after the first few pages. Her newest book, “Daughter of Mine”, is another suspense that is pretty much impossible to put down. 

Miranda has an amazing talent for weaving a web of drama, mystery, conflict, twists that will keep you guessing with each turn of a page, that will draw you into a dynamic world she has created.

The death of Hazel Sharp’s father, detective Holt, brings her back to her hometown of Mirror Lake. On the heels of detective Holt’s death, a drought begins to unearth some secrets from years ago. In the small town of Mirror Lake, where everyone knows everyone, and everything that is going on, the town can’t stop buzzing about a car that the drought reveled that had been found in the lake with its license plates missing. 

In quick order Hazel soon finds out that she has inherited the family home, which brings another layer of drama and conflict. Shortly after another car is discovered in the lake, but this time, in the lake that is right behind the house Hazel just recently inherited. 

Hazel soon begins to wonder if the two cars are related to her mother’s departure decades ago… She soon starts an investigation of her own once she finds out that her brother’s wife and once childhood friend has gone missing. With the mystery of her mother and her missing sister-in-law Mirror Lake soon starts to take on the light as a town being full of secrets and dark corners.

If you have not picked up your copy of “Daughter of Mine” yet, I highly recommend this book. The writing and storyline is simply fantastic. If you are a fan of mystery and suspense you will absolutely love this book

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