Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Guest Post :: Cozy Home Decor Wedding Gift Ideas

 I absolutely love home gifts for any occasion! I get so excited over things from William-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel that it is almost embarrassing. Today Peter Minkoff is sharing cozy home wedding gift ideas, some of which I am definitely adding to my own wish list!   

Being invited to a wedding is a great honor, but it can also be stressful, especially if you don’t know what to get for the happy couple. If you’re bad at buying gifts or if you just don’t know the couple that well to get them something sentimental, here are a few ideas that will definitely hit the mark and make their family home full of beauty, comfort, and love (while not costing you a fortune). 


It might sound a bit weird to get people blankets, but think about it—some of our most prized possessions are blankets (our baby blanky, our first bed cover with superheroes, cozy throws, family quilts, etc.) So provide your happy couple with a top-quality blanket throw, and let them create their own memories of cuddling underneath and talking about their future. And if you want to give your newlyweds the gift of rest and sleep, check out weighted blankets online and take your pick. These work great for minimizing anxiety and stress, and they offer ultimate comfort and relaxation while sleeping. After the wedding hustle and bustle has settled, your couple will be so grateful for your thoughtful gift that will help them get the best sleep of their lives. 

Picnic basket with goodies

Is there anything more romantic than a picnic for two? Provide your couple with a perfect tool to bring all their picnics to life—an old-fashioned picnic basket with a few lux goodies inside. Best baskets are already equipped with plates, wine glasses, utensils, and napkins. Add an outdoor blanket to the mix, and you just made their next date under the sun so much better. And when not in use, a gorgeous vintage picnic basket can be used as a perfect hallway, patio, deck, or mud room decoration. 

Personalized wine box

The happy couple always needs to have something high quality to make a toast. With a personalized wine bow with three or five custom wine bottles, you can ensure they have tasty wine for every big day in the future. The bottles are marked with dates and meant to be opened for their first, third, fifth, tenth, and 15th anniversaries. The box is beautiful in itself, engraved with the spouses’ names and the date of their wedding. Just make sure to choose some tasty wines that can withstand the test of time. 

Espresso machine

The first days of marriage are super romantic, easy, and relaxing, but once you need to return from your honeymoon and start living in the real world again, things can get stressful. Well, with a cup of coffee to wake you up every morning, your couple will avoid many early-morning grumpy quarrels. A double-server coffee maker will be not just the single most used gadget in their home but also serve as  beautiful decoration that will elevate their kitchen design. 

Designer plant pots

If you know your couple takes pride in being great plant parents, why not surprise them with a gift perfect for their leafy companions? Pick out the most beautiful set of designer pots that will replace their mismatched pots and create a lux and sophisticated vibe in their home. If they are handmade, you can even order stamped pots with their initials on the bottom, as a signature and a reminder for their family and love to grow and thrive. 

Framed wedding invitation

Once you receive your wedding invitation, don’t throw it away, but turn it into beautiful house d├ęcor for your couple. Blow up the invitation and put it in a gorgeous frame to be displayed in the bedroom. You can opt for a box frame, so the couple can add trinkets and memories from the wedding and make a little treasure display that will forever remind them of the happiest day of their lives. 

Any one of these perfect wedding gifts will fit beautifully into your newlyweds’ home and make their shared space full of love, style and comfort. 

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