Monday, August 29, 2022

Guest Post :: Healthy Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Pet

 Pet care is so important and one thing I think people honestly underestimate when they adopt their first furry family member. From the time I was little I always remember having an animal of some sorts in my family home, from birds, to wild baby bunnies, domesticated French flop bunny, gold fish {short lived experience…}, guineapig, dogs, cats, etc… Each one has been so sweet and they always steal a piece of your heart, but animals require attention and the proper care. Peter Minkoff is guest posting on the blog today and he is sharing all about pet care! 

Having a pet is like having a child or a best friend. A cat or a dog can quickly become that one friend that you can rely on every time for cuddles and comfort. However, like humans, pets require proper care and love to stay healthy and happy. From regular vaccinations to grooming and vet appointments at least twice a year, we have several convenient tips to help pet owners provide their furry friends with utmost care and a healthy lifestyle. 

Regular vaccination

Pets can develop many health conditions if you don’t offer them their shots when needed. Every responsible pet owner will schedule an immunization appointment with the vet as soon as they get their new four-legged friend. You’ll get a thorough immunization schedule from your Sydney vet, to know when to bring your pup or cat for the following vaccination. Keep distemper, Lyme disease and rabies at bay by offering your dog regular vaccinations. Feline leukaemia and herpes virus are common in cats but can be successfully prevented with regular immunization.


Healthy nutrition

Unlike stray cats and dogs who eat whatever they find on the streets of Sydney, you'll want to offer your pet only healthy foods. For your pet, you'll want the best and healthiest ingredients. Therefore, enrich your best buddy's life by feeding them the energy and nutrients they deserve. A good balance of fats, carbs and proteins is essential for cats. Wheat, barley, corn, beef, tuna and chicken are some proteins that your cat will enjoy eating. Vitamins A and B, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium and zinc are equally valuable to cats and dogs. For better digestion, offer your pets plenty of fibre. 

Usual vet visits 

Aside from vaccination appointments, your pet should have regular vet visits at least twice a year. That way, the vet will be able to identify any health risks and diagnose illness early on. If your pet urgently needs a veterinary surgeon, Sydney is the place to look for them. You can find professional and expert vets that will offer your pet the best treatment regardless of the severity of their condition. Make trips to the vet less stressful by familiarizing the pets with the vet visits and offering them treats after they've acted well during a pet visit. 

Keep them active

Regular walks are essential for dogs. Cats will find their way to entertain themselves indoors as long as they have a few of their favourite toys and one climbing piece. Dogs, on the other hand, need regular outdoor activity because they won't be using a litter box as cats will. Aside from that, dogs love to run and spend time in the fresh air, so look for the nearest dog park if you don't own a backyard. Do your morning and evening walks with occasional afternoon trips outside if they let you know they're too confined inside. Not only will outdoor activity keep the dog happy but fit too and prevent many health problems like obesity. 

Don’t forget oral care

Oral care is imperative for cats and dogs as much as for humans. So, don't forget to include that in the pet's grooming ritual. Abscesses, tooth loss, and jawbone infections are common oral problems in dogs that arise due to improper oral care. Brush your pups' teeth at home if the dog is obedient enough. Brush them with wet gauze, and don't forget to check the teeth every six months. Ask for food treats and oral care products from your vet, so you can perform proper at-home oral care. 

Final thoughts

Looking after your pet goes beyond thinking about what food to give them. You'll need to take the pet to the vet regularly, vaccinate them according to schedule and keep their oral care in check. Keep them active, and you'll have a happy, healthy pet that will keep you company for years. 

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