Friday, August 5, 2022

Honest Review of My Sarah Flint Shoes

 Before having the opportunity to work with Sarah Flint as a Brand Ambassador, I was first a customer of theirs, and can honestly say that both ends have been such a wonderful experience! Also, you can use my code: SARAHFLINT_CCLAURENAID to receive $50 off you first Sarah Flint shoe purchase!! I was a fan before, but now having worked with the Sarah Flint company, learning about some of the behind the scenes, and the inspiration for different shoes and collections, I have fallen even more in love with this company and all their products! 

Sarah Flint has currently has a store in Nashville, TN, Dallas, TX., and then a couple of pop-up stores. Since they are still largely an online company, I thought I would share an honest review of all the Sarah Flint styles I have tried myself!

Grear Sandal

The Grear Sandals have probably been my most worn pair of sandals this summer. I love the fact that they are comfortable right out of the box and that you can wear them all day long. These are a Grecian sandal, that is very flattering, and the tie straps make it so easy to accommodate any foot width. I have a narrow foot and sometimes it is a little bit of a challenge for me to find a gladiator sandal that works for my foot, and the adjustable ties make my feet feel really secure, plus the way you lace them up always reminds me of ballet point shoes, which I love! 

Mirjana Sandal

The Mirjana Sandal is the perfect sandal to slide on and go! They literally go with anything and everything! The Mirjana Sandal is part of Sarah Flint’s ballet inspired collection and the intricate details of the bow and the way it is interwoven to create the strap of the sandal is truly inspired. There is a slight break in period with these shoes; I feel like it took me 3 wears to properly break them in, and the more you wear them, the more the strap mold to your feet and they will become one of your most comfortable pair of sandals that you will ever own!

Perfect Block Sandal 30

LOVE this block sandals! When I first started working with Sarah Flint as a Brand Ambassador these are the shoes that I first chose to try, in Gold Nappa, of course! I’m not a big heel person – I don’t tolerate being uncomfortable very well, especially when it comes to shoes… I chose to try the 30, because I was afraid of the higher heel heights {as ridiculous as that sounds}, and I am amazed at how comfortable they! This is another pair that is comfortable right out of the box, and I really enjoy how the 30-heel height makes these shoes more everyday-ish, just because they are an easy shoe to wear to a casual dinner, and they really go with anything from pants to dresses! All of Sarah Flint heels include extra padding, anatomical arch support, and a slightly wider toe box, and it just really makes a huge difference!


Natalie Flat

If you are new to Sarah Flint and on the fence about which shoe to purchase, this is the shoe I would recommend. I feel like the Natalie is her most iconic shoe and the one she became best known for early on. The Natalie Flat also includes extra padding, a rubber forepart on the sole to prevent slipping, and of course, the signature Asymmetrical bow! This is a shoe that also require a little bit of a break in period, but once they have started to break in these are the flats you will reach for a 100 times over – they mold to your feet making them feel like custom fit shoes, and they are so beautiful, I honestly cannot recommend these shoes enough!

Natalie Sling

The Natalie Flat is actually the first Sarah Flint shoe I purchased; back in early 2020 I saw someone wearing them in a magazine and I just feel in love with the shape of the shoe and the bow detail. I was so excited this past spring when they released the Natalie Sling! It’s the perfect spring to summer to fall shoe, and depending on your weather, I feel like you could even wear it during the winter months as well. These shoes are comfortable right out of the box; they have 360 padding {you will feel like you are walking on a cloud}, a rubber forepart to prevent slipping, and adjustable strap, and a hidden elastic right behind the buckle. I honestly think that everyone needs at least one pair of Natalie slings in their closet!

Parker Flat

I was so excited a few weeks ago when Sarah Flint decided to bring back the Parker! I love this shoe so much, I bought it twice {it comes in navy & black}! I love the elegant vintage feel the Parker style has to it; it definitely feel like a shoe Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn would have worn. For me this shoe was comfortable right from the start, it has extra padding and the fabric is just a dream!

Perfect Emma

My mom actually influenced me to purchase these pumps, she tells everyone that these heels are so comfortable that they feel like running shoes, and she is not wrong… I love how the block heel on these shoes is slightly inset so it doesn’t look as heavy as a regular block heel, and the anatomical arch support and padding is just everything. You will love this heel!

Perfect Pump 85

I usually avoid wearing heel/pumps at all cost, but I actually find myself reaching for these. Before I started working with Sarah Flint, I only owned four pair of heels… I hate when shoes are uncomfortable, and if I could avoid wearing heels to something, depending on the season, I would either wear a nice pair of boots or a dressy pair of sandals. I now have three pumps in this particular style… the extra padding, slightly wider toe box, and the anatomical arch support makes all the difference! I cannot recommend this pump enough!! If you have a narrow foot, I would recommend wearing your usually size, but if you have a normal width or wide foot, I would go up ½ a size.


Remember to use code: SARAHFLINT_CCLAURENAID for $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes!!!

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