Friday, December 11, 2020

For The Pup Gift Guide

 In my family dogs have always been such a big part of our unit and always seem to become a family member and warm the hearts of everyone. I still have a few other gift guides to put together, but I thought this year we would give a little extra spotlight to our family members who wear fur year round. I know for myself personally they have been such a great source of company, especially when we all had to quarantine back in the spring {fingers crossed we don’t ever have to do that again}.  

I have been doing a little more shopping online for myself and for my dogs… and there are just so many cute items out there for the pup! Here are a few favorites from my dogs to yours!

One// Naked Cashmere Cable Dog Sweater

Ella, my Cavapoo, loves clothes. She always gets super so excited when a new anything is for her. These sweaters are such great quality and perfect for a dog that spends most of their time indoors


Two// Crew Lala Scottish Tartan Belle Bow Collar

Crew Lala makes the sweetest collars for dogs. These collars last forever, the quality is amazing, and the bow always holds its shape


Three// Fleece-Lined Dog Barn Jacket

Hey, dogs can get cold too! In all seriousness though none of my dogs have that extra under coat that a lot of dog breeds do have and they will shake if they’re cold. This coat is so sweet on and fits just right, plus, like the other items I have mentioned the quality is amazing!!


Four// Toile Dog Bowl

Maybe it’s just a me specific thing, but I kind of like the dog bowls to be astatically pleasing with other items that are in the same room. Is that weird? In my opinion you can never go wrong with blue and white and these bowls are seriously beautiful!


Five// Holiday Patterned Ribbon Leash

Mark & Graham have a surprisingly great selection of things for the pet, especially if you have a larger dog. I love this leash for the holiday season and the fact that it comes with a monogram option is just the icing on the cake


Six// Candy Cane Crochet Squeaky Toy

This toy is better suited for a small dog, but how perfect is the candy cane design!?


Seven// Claugia’s Canine Gourmet Christmas Dog Treat Gift Box

I am such a sucker for holiday themed dog treats, and needless to say the dogs get super excited over this gift every year. If you have a smaller dog I do recommend breaking the treats up into smaller pieces since some of them are a little large


Eight// Jax & Bones Gingerbread Jumbo Dog Toy

In my opinion you can never have too many rope toys. They can keep your dog busy for hours and are perfectly suited for any breed 


Nine// Harry Barker Santa Canvas Dog Toy

Harry Barker makes the cutest holiday dog toys. This Santa is a favorite among all of my dogs


Ten// Dream Bone Holiday Rawhide

Because can you ever have too many Christmas treats for your dog? These bones are in the cutest shapes your dog will love them!


Eleven// Holiday Gift Woolie Squeaky Toy

How perfect is this? Love the color combo and the material is super durable 


Twelve// Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy

I have so many of these hide and seek plush toys for my dogs and this one for whatever reason is by far their favorite. I guess Santa is not the only one who likes milk and cookies…


Thirteen// Platinum Shag Blanket

I am sure a few of you are like me and let your dog sleep in the bed with you at night… I always lay one of these blankets on top of my duvet just to help my bedding stay clean and the dogs love them!


Fourteen// Blue Toile Round Dog Bed

Again, maybe this is just a me thing, but I really like for the dog bed to kind of blend in with the surrounding of the room its in. I love this bed and it looks so much more expensive than it actually is


Fifteen// Crew Lala Grey’s Flannel Belle Bow Dog Collar

After you order one of these collars it’s hard not to order another. I love their flannel material collars for the cold weather months, plus, they are just overall precious!

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