Saturday, October 31, 2020

Halloween Movie Night

 Needless to say like everything else this year, Halloween of 2020 is a little different than past Halloweens {hopefully by next year everything will be back to ‘normal’}. It’s the first Halloweens that involve wearing a mask for a health reason and making sure your group is safely social distance if you are around an unfamiliar group. 

In all honestly I have never been a huge fan of Halloween… when I was little I never much cared for the ‘scary’ costumes and at any age I have never really been a fan of the black and orange color combination. So this year is definitely a good excuse to stay in, pass out candy, relax, and watch a few Halloween movies. 


Fair warning, I am not super into the super scary movies; Double, Double Toil and Trouble featuring the Olsen Twins still scares me in certain parts… I do like a good suspense movie and a horror movie that I already know is going to have an all right ending. Here are a few of my favorite suspense/horror movies to watch for Halloween night!


Hocus Pocus// A Halloween classic since the early 90’s! I know that it has been so overplayed on so many channels this year, but I still completely love the movie. And let’s face facts, is Halloween, Halloween without having a viewing of Hocus Pocus


Greta// I love how Chloe Grace Moretz doesn’t seem to shy away from a role just because of the genre it may fall under. Greta will have you on the edge of your sear practically the whole through


Hush// I am starting to become convinced that the 90’s were the high point of creativity in the movie industry. Is it wrong that I would wear Gwyneth Paltrow’s wardrobe from this movie today? I am sure there are plenty of nice mother in-laws out there, but every now and then you hear horrible mother-in-law situations, and this movie takes it to a whole new level. 


The Conjuring// These movies will definitely make you jump out of your seat in certain parts, but everything looks slightly fake and they all have a good ending. The first Conjuring movie is my favorite, it seems to feature the Warren family the most, and the 70s music and clothes makes it more bearable to watch than other horror movies… 


Arachnophobia// Finding a deadly spider in my shower, or even worse, having one make a nest in my barn, truly would be a living nightmare for me. I am obviously not a fan of movies, but this movie is a fun one to watch and a good throw back


What Lies Beneath// This movie seriously keeps me in suspense every time I watch. A husband with many secrets and a wife who starts to feel crazy because she thinks she may or may not have seen a ghost… 


Wishing all a very Happy Halloween!!!

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