Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Sarah Flint

 About a month ago I was invited to be a brand ambassador for Sarah Flint. In my short time of being affiliated with the company I have completely fallen in love with Sarah Flint shoes, scarves, stationery, their product packaging, Sarah Flint herself, and basically the entire company as a whole.  

I have been invited to join ambassador programs before, but this is the first one that has ever really appealed to me. Just the fact alone that Sarah is a young female founder drew me. In the scheme of things Sarah Flint hasn’t been around that long, but in the short amount of time she has managed to build a rebuttal name, make beautiful quality shoes that are priced at only half the makeup as her competitors, and has managed to build an A-List cliental on top of everything else. When Cindy Crawford, Meghan Markle, and Amal Clooney wear a shoe, they are definitely worth taking not of, at least in my opinion. 

The first thing that appealed to me about the Sarah Flint company when I was still considering becoming an ambassador for them was how beautifully their shoes were designed and I love the material that is used. When I dove a little deeper it was also very appealing to me that Sarah no only puts a generous amount of thought into the outward appearance of her shoe design, but also how to make them more comfort for everyday and even special occasion wear. Sarah Flint’s shoe toe boxes are a little wider to make everyday and special occasion high heel wear much more comfortable, and she even goes the extra mile to incorporate rubber padding into the design of her heels to absorb shock and make the experience of wearing a beautiful shoe even more enjoyable. I especially love how her flats and other shoes seem to mold to your feet over time. 

I am also thrilled when ever I get the chance to help represent a quality brand of any kind, but especially a female-founded one. I love when females are able to chart their own way in an area that they are especially passionate about and set a great example and help make a little more headway for the next generation of women.   


If you have not had the chance to shop around on the Sarah Flint website, I highly recommend you do. Even after my time as a Sarah Flint Ambassador is over, her shoes will forever be a wardrobe staple for me. After all, how often do you come across a brand who not only makes beautiful shoes but heels you can wear literally all day long? For me, this is the first time I have ever found that combination in a shoe company. If this is your first time placing an order with Sarah Flint be sure to use my code, BALAURENK50, to receive $50 off your first Sarah Flint purchase!


  1. Love those shoes, they are awesome!!