Saturday, July 25, 2020

Feels Like Falling

Over the past few years I have become such a fan of Kristy Woodson Harvey. Every single one of her books you just want to slide into your beach bag and devour one while you relax by the water. I absolutely love the fact that there is always an aspect of each character you, as a reader, are able to relate to on some level, and there is always at least one character that I find myself cheering for. Feels Like Falling is Harvey’s sixth novel, and like her other five books, is a page-turner from start to finish. 
Feels Like Falling, by Kristy Woodson Harvey, centers around Gray Howard, her best friends, family turmoil, and love life all set in the picturesque town of Cape Carolina, N.C. 

Gray Howard, successful businesswoman and founder of ClickMarket reluctantly promotes her husband to CFO, only to have him leave her for the newly hired assistant. That only would be enough to throw anyone into a tailspin, but on top of that, add a mother passing away from cancer, losing a sister to her new husband, navigating being a single mother and co-parenting with your ex, and still finding time to run a company on top of everything else. 

Needless to say, Gray is looking forward to a peaceful summer at her waterfront house in Cape Carolina. The perfect people always seem to come into our lives when we need them most and Diana was that person for Gray. Diana, also a bit down on her luck, is hired by Gray to clean and cook for the summer, after being fired from her job as a photo developer. Over time the two women form a friendship as they help each other through difficult times. 

Through the kindness, encouragement and eccentric ways of Trey, Gray’s assistant, and Marcy, Gray’s best friend/next-door neighbor, and of course the friendship Gray and Diana have forged, the two women’s lives soon start to take an upswing in every possible way. 

Feels Like Falling will have you laughing, crying, and turning pages faster than you could ever imagine. Again, Harvey has written the perfect summer read that will transport you from your back porch to the Carolina Coast and plant you right in the middle of the world that is Gray Howard and Cape Carolina. 

I cannot recommend this book, or any book by Kristy Woodson Harvey enough. She has such a beautiful writing style that will draw you into the story line, and before you know it, you feel like you are sipping wine right along with the characters she brings to life as you read. You all with undoubtedly love this book!  

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