Monday, November 11, 2019

Guest Post :: It'll Last Longer: Why You Should Print Photos

I have turned into such a huge fan of photography over the years. I always love how pictures have the ability to capture emotions and small details that you may not have noticed in person. It always seems that we take more photos during the holiday season than any other time of the year. In the digital world I can honestly go months without printing off an actual picture. However, once I do, and I have it framed I always wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. Today Shane is guest posting and sharing all the reasons you should print off photos!
Photography nowadays has been more accessible to people thanks to the technological advancements of smartphones, allowing them to take quality photos anytime and anywhere. An estimated 1 trillion photos were taken in the U.S. in 2018 alone. However, despite the huge amounts of photos taken by each person, do some of them actually make it beyond one’s camera roll? Out of the hundreds of pictures on your phone right now, how many of them do you actually consider special? If your answer is ‘not much,’ then you’re not alone. People take photos to preserve memories, but because we take too many photos, they end up lost in the sea of other images we forget or don’t bother looking at a second time.
Compare our time to the time when printing photos was the norm. Photographs back in the day meant more because they are tangible and kept for safekeeping. Other than digital photos have yet to be developed as they are now, people print photos as a way to look back at past experiences and show them to future generations. 

These photos are more intimate and appear rawer, something that digital photography cannot replicate. You have apps that let you use filters and replicate the effect of film photography back in the day, but they fall a bit short both in appearance and substance. Nothing beats the tactile feeling of having a photograph in your hands, which is why you should consider printing your photos today.

Why You Need Print Over Pixels

More people are getting into the analog revolution as a reaction to the overwhelming amount of digital devices that are involved in everyday living. People are once again paying attention to the classic gadgets from previous eras like cassette players, vinyl turntables, and film cameras. Nostalgia and technological fatigue have made printing photos cool again.

Create an Actual Photo Album

Most kids these days will never truly appreciate the joys of sifting through photo albums of their younger years and reminiscing about how simple and lovely their lives were back then. Seeing a thick book of old photos of you is a feeling that will never be matched by posting your everyday escapades and uploading your travels on social media.

Decorate Your Wall With Photographs

There was a time when posters from magazines and specialty stores took up a huge space in every adolescent’s room. Photos are no different. Hang or stick your printed digital photographs, film, or Polaroid photos on the walls of your room. Surround your room and yourself with memorable people and intimate moments captured in photos, making you remember them all the time and give you a little something to start and end your day.

Invest in Canvas Photographs

Consider printing an iconic photograph on a canvas and make it appear like a commissioned work of art. Whether it is a portrait of yourself or a group photo of your family, having canvas prints is a worthy investment as they can be displayed in specific areas in your home to give it an affluent yet nostalgic atmosphere.

Try Out Instant & Disposable Cameras

Forget the complications of importing photos to your computer, installing the driver software, and loading specific printer papers on your printer just to get a quality print of your photo. Try using instant and disposable cameras and aim, click, and print away quality photos to your heart’s desire.

Compile a Printed Portfolio of Your Works

If you’re an artist looking to land a job or stepping up your creativity, ditch your digital works and slowly build up your printed portfolio instead. While digital artworks and photographs can be as beautiful, the allure and work behind a printed portfolio compare to nothing. Having a printed portfolio not only gives your interviewer a way to examine your work better, but it also shows that you are diligent enough to put in the extra effort when it comes to your work.

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