Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Looking Chic In A One-Piece

About four years ago one-pieces started to make their way back into the world of being fashionable. It’s kind of taken me a while to adjust to the idea that one-pieces are no longer just for your grandmother, but they are actually pretty fashionable and figure flattering and as an added bonus the provide a little extra sun protection than a bikini would {hope that doesn’t make me sound old…}.

One-pieces have definitely been revamped over the years to look a lot more stylish than what they used to be. off the shoulder, one shoulder, ruffles, stripes, bows – the one-piece is pretty on point at the moment.

As far as the one I have looked at so far J. Crew’s one-piece designs have really caught my eye. They seem to provide a enough variety to everyone and their designs are pretty fantastic! Here are a few of my favorites…


  1. Great Selection! I love the red-white one :)


  2. I'm absolutely loving the one piece trend. They can be so chic and sexy in a classy way.


    1. I so agree with everything you just said!

  3. Nice collection!!
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