Thursday, May 25, 2017

How To Pick Sunglasses According To Your Face Shape

 When it comes to the summer season there are certain items one must always have on hand not only for a fashion statement but also for basic summer survival. Sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories, I wear them all year round, but I definitely could not survive the spring and summer season with out them. One of the hardest things about picking out sunglasses is deciding not only what your face shape is, but also what type of glasses best suits your face. Luckily Diana Smith has been so kind to guest post today and share which style sunglasses suit different face shapes the best.

How do you pick sunglasses? Do you take the ones you think might look cool and spend a lot of time glancing at the mirror, trying to decide whether they’re okay? There are so many factors to consider: Are they high-quality and durable? Do they offer UV protection? Do they suit your face shape? Finding the right frames isn’t easy, but it isn’t exactly rocket science – look in the mirror or ask a friend to tell you what face shape you have and get going.

A heart-shaped face

Sometimes the heart-shaped face will also be called triangle, but it’s easy to recognize by a rather narrow chin and wide forehead. In order to balance your features better, you should look for sunglasses that have wide lower edges: cat-eye style or glasses with round edges are perfect. You should avoid the ones that have straight lines along the top work, because curvier lines shift attention downward and elongate the face. If you’re looking to narrow down your choices, pick the rimless ones or the everlasting aviator styled frames, and work from there.

An oval face

The lucky ones that have oval faces can relax, because virtually every frame out there looks good. Gently rounded faces with fairly even features can rock pretty much any sunglasses. Still, this can be a bit tricky because you have so many frames to choose from! The only things you should avoid are those huge frames, since those will block out your features completely and make you look like an insect. Sunglasses that cover your eyes from eyebrows to cheekbones are the best choice. Narrow it down a bit. Decide what exactly you’re looking for: something fashionable and expensive, a designer piece, or something that’ll protect your eyes while you’re out there cycling and playing football.

A square face

There’s quite the double standard for those who have square shaped face – men love it, while women think they don’t look feminine enough. This is not true, of course, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of the shape of your face at all. Square faces have a rather strong jaw line accompanied by broad forehead. Frames that work best for you are round and oval because these will round out those sharp features and give you a more balanced look. Aviator style will look good on you, as well as round, and any other that has circular or oval curves.

A round face

Round faces are blessed with soft, noticeable curves and don’t have defined angles. This face appears to be softer, as opposed to square which is more angular. Just as people with square faces should go for curvier sunglasses, people with round faces should wear the ones with emphasized sharp, angular lines. Ditch the sunglasses with curved features and pick the angular ones that will make your face look thinner and sharper while making it look elongated at the same time. If you have a round face, pick frames which are high-on-the-temple and colorful. Square, rectangle, wrap and shield will all make your face look great.

Buying glasses for protection
If you’re looking to buy sunglasses which will protect you from the risks, steer clear of ones labeled as ‘cosmetic’ as these don’t provide any protection at all. Also make sure you get sunglasses made from a material that’s scratch-resistant. You can visit an optometrist on Broadway and ask them to help you get sunglasses which will block at least 99% of UVB as well as (at least) 95% of UVA rays.

Finding sunglasses that just look good on you shouldn’t be your only concern, but you should also look for the ones which will keep your eyes safe. Make sure you always buy high-quality pieces which will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, and not just look good. This way you will be stylish and responsible at the same time.

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