Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Gentleman's Attire

It’s easy to spot a good Southern gentleman by what they have on! A Southern gentleman has a distinct look that is unforgettable and different from the Yankee and West Coast gentlemen. If you so desire to look like a gentleman of the South there are a few things that you must have! 

Every Southern gentleman needs a dependable tuxedo ready to go at a moments notice 

A Southern gentleman can always use another pair of seersucker pants to wear in the spring and summer. They always come in handy for the horse races, football games or just because

Down in the South hunting is a way of life. No gentlemen’s closet would be complete without a few hunting shirts
Southern gentlemen are not afraid to wear pink or a bow tie

Southern gentlemen are never without a pocket square

A flask comes in handy for football games and other events

Loafers are every Southern gentleman’s go-to shoes

A pair of bucks for when you’re feeling dapper

“Being a Southern gentleman is a state of being. It is a lifestyle based on the ancient code of chivalry. It is a mindset of putting others first and having a truly humble spirit. It is a respect for others – and for oneself. It is respecting the dignity of all men, no matter what their station in life may be. It is a deep and abiding reverence and respect for women, coupled with the manners and etiquette that outwardly demonstrate that reverence.”


  1. You make no mention of Polo shirts vs T shirts. Or pocket frat tees. You should do a couple follow ups...

    Southern college guy
    Southern business man
    Things to avoid


    1. Thanks for the feedback! I was going to save the polos, t-shirts, and pocket tees for when it gets closer to fall for "the SEC guy". I didn't think of the other two though, those are good ideas

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