Friday, May 14, 2021

American Girl Celebrating 35 Years

 Original American Girl Dolls are like Disney movies – if you loved them when you were younger, you still love them today. I was so excited last week when I discovered that American Girl bought back their six original dolls, in their original welcome outfits! I could never figure out why American Girl decided to change Samantha’s welcome outfit… Plaid dress belted at the waist, matching plaid bow, black tights, and clutch – if J. Crew existed in 1904, Samantha Parkington would have been the original J. Crew classically preppy girl. 

Growing up in the 90’s, anything from American Girl was the ultimate Christmas gift for basically any girl out there. I am sure I am not the only who went through the American Girl catalog multiple times, carefully circling each desired item with a sharpie marker, and then painstakingly going back through to place a star next to the items that would make my Christmas wish list in my letter to Santa.


My first American Doll was Samantha; my six-year-old self could barely contain her excitement at the sight of that unmistakable dark red box as I peeled back the Christmas wrapping paper. Two Christmases later Santa decided to bring Kirsten, and I was just over the moon with the two dolls. 


Of the things I kept from my childhood, you can rest assured that Samantha and Kirsten are among them… I always wanted a Molly doll as well, but by the time I found appreciation for her stories I was at the age where I felt like getting a doll wasn’t the ‘cool’ thing to do. But now that she is back I am debating whether or not to purchase her…I mean, are you ever really too old to indulge in a nostalgic item of any sort?


I so hope that American Girl decides to keep the original six dolls around, and not for just a limited time. Maybe it’s just me, because these dolls and their books hold such a special place in my childhood memories, but I loved all of their stories, and overall I prefer the original dolls to the newer dolls. They are just a classic.


  1. I grew up with the American Girl dolls, too! My first one was Samantha, as well. My sister got Kirstin. Then, later on, I got Felicity! What beautiful dolls they are still - and yes, I still treasure them. I also got a nightgown to match my doll and a couple pioneer style dresses. I hated when I grew out of them. I just love the classic dolls and the rich stories about American history. So glad we share this! Blessings, Net

    1. I used to have the nightgowns also! I really love how American Girl aims with the original dolls to create an interest in history with the book series each doll has!

  2. I've never heard about American Girl dolls! thanks for sharing the story and the dolls are adorable! xx
    Elegant Duchess xx