Friday, January 24, 2020

New Year's Goals 2020

It has almost been exactly one month since I last posted on the blog, which if you are a regular reader of my blog is pretty unheard of… 2019 was a year that went by incredibly fast, but when I reflect back on the year, the road traveled in 2019 seems absolutely endless – I honestly don’t see how it all fit in a year. It was a year filled with happiness and blessings and everything in between. After Christmas was over I decided I was going to take a little break, concentrate on some other things, and mostly try and catch up on some sleep. 

Since this is my first official post of 2020 it only makes sense that I share my 2020 goals with you; after all, I have had a little extra time to come up with a few… The New Year, for me, is always a little bitter sweet; the sun sets on one year taking with it all the emotions and work that has gone into it and the next morning brings the first hopeful rays of a New Year, filled with new beginnings and undiscovered territories. So without further delay here are my goals for 2020!
Read More// There was so much going on last year that I only read like 3 books, which is crazy for me! I usually read some where in the range of 40-60 books a year. By the it I slide under my covers more than not I was just so exhausted that I would just zone out and watch Netflix… terrible, I know. I’m glad to say that I have already started to work on this goal – just started my third book of 2020…already ahead of 2019!

Eat Less Sugar// When some people head stress they treat themselves to a glass of wine, but no, not me, I treat myself to a healthy combination of Coca-Cola, M & M’s, and ice cream. At the end of a stressful day I find it hard to imagine a more soothing sound than hearing the fizzing and crackling of ice as a glass bottle of coke is poured into a chilled glass… #confessionsofacokeaholic

Go To Bed Earlier// When ever there is a lot going on I have the absolute worst time falling asleep and watching Netflix right before bedtime definitely did not help my cause. There were nights last year when I wouldn’t go to sleep till 1 or 2 in the morning because I was so keyed up. This year I have been working on being asleep somewhere in the range of 10:30pm or 11:30pm; you know, that time of night where it isn’t technically the next day yet

Workout More// I completely fell off my workout schedule. I can feel so guilty, so easily, and when I need to offer my time to something else workouts always seem to be the easiest to cut… It’s completely counterproductive because when I workout I am just mentally such a better person to be around

Drink More Water// This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the eat less sugar goal. I am usually a pretty avid water drinker, but with the extra coke I was drinking in 2019 I didn’t drink as much water as I should have and can totally tell the difference

Start a small company or write a book// These have always been two major life goals for me, so by putting it in writing I hope it will motivate me to find the time to do one or the other this year.

Be More Thankful// I always feel like it is so easy to fall into the trap of concentrating on things you don’t have, places you haven’t been yet, and goals that have yet to be accomplished. I 100% believe in the concept of ‘what you think about, comes about’. One’s mindset is such a powerful thing and concentrating on the positives is definitely more rewarding in pretty much every way possible. 

I would love to hear what your goals are for 2020! Please feel free to email me or let me know in the comments! 

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