Monday, January 27, 2020

Guest Post :: How To Eat Healthier in 2020

There is no better time to start a fresh and add a few new healthy habits to your daily routine. One thing that is so easy to do is fall off the train on eating healthy. It is so easy to fall into a habit of eating out at restaurants {whom more than not have way too much salt in their food}, skipping breakfast, or indulging in pretty much everyone’s guilty pleasure…going through you favorite fast food drive through. Today Peter Minkoff is guest posting on the blog and sharing a few tips on how to eat healthy!
As 2020 is finally here, the majority of people are all about the New Year’s resolutions they made a few weeks ago. Of course, resolutions related to healthy eating are the most common ones all over the world, so keep on reading if you want to eat healthier in 2020, too. Here are five useful tips on how to accomplish that, so check them out and enjoy!

Try not to skip your breakfast

The majority of experts claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and guess what? We couldn’t agree more, so try not to skip your breakfast under any circumstances. Apart from boosting your energy levels, well-balanced breakfast will also keep you full until lunchtime and stop you from reaching for unhealthy snacks. Just ensure that your breakfast is rich in protein (eggs, chicken or salmon), healthy fats (avocado, nuts), and whole grains, and you’ll do a fantastic job. You can even prepare breakfast in advance and save some time in the morning, which is also a good option if you’re always in a rush.

Use smaller plates instead of regular ones for your dinner

In case you didn’t know, portion control is one of the best techniques to embrace if you want to lose some weight, so give it a fair shot and you won’t make a mistake. The first step you should take is replacing your regular dinner plates with smaller ones, since that’s a good way to trick yourself into thinking that you’re eating more food than you actually are. That’s because smaller plates will always look fuller than larger ones, no matter the size of the portion. However, if that’s too much for you in the beginning, you can use smaller plates for less healthy food options, whereas bigger ones can be used for low-calorie, healthy foods. 

Prioritize protein intake

If you want to stay healthy and keep your weight in order, eating foods rich in protein is one of the most important decisions you should make in 2020. Did you know that protein is an essential building block for your hair, nails, skin, and bones? That’s right, and it also keeps the muscles healthy and plumped up, which is why you should make it a priority in your diet. As for the foods rich in protein, there are eggs, fish, beans, lentils, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, lean meats such as turkey and chicken, and similar ones. Just make these a part of your diet and you’ll do a great job.

Introduce new supplements if necessary

Supplementation is also an important part of many people’s diets these days, and this is particularly true for ladies and gentlemen who work out regularly. The majority of them are taking both pre-workout and post-workout supplements that are usually based on high protein content, but you must know that there are numerous types of groundbreaking supplements that offer amazing advantages as well. For example, there is a supplement called citrulline that can improve your endurance and strength, help you recover fast after a workout, and allow you to feel sharp and focused without having to take caffeine. If that sounds great, just give this supplement a try and you won’t regret it.

Avoid distractions while eating your meals

Last but certainly not least, avoiding distractions while you eat is another amazing way to embrace healthy eating habits this year. Yes, we know that eating your dinner in front of the TV is exactly what you need after a long day at work, but you know what? Not paying attention to your meal is likely to make you eat more at that meal. Distracted eating can result in weight gain simply because you’re paying more attention to what you’re watching than on what you’re eating. So, avoid distractions while eating as much as possible and you’ll see instant improvement, without a shadow of a doubt.
As you can tell, there are so many tips that can help you eat healthier in 2020, and these five unquestionably are the best ones out there. So, if that’s your ultimate goal this year, all you need to do is to stick to our guidelines and embrace one healthy eating habit at a time. Once that’s done, success is guaranteed!

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