Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Guest Post :: How To Organize A Memorable Office Party

It always seems that summer and the holiday season are the prime time to have a party, especially office parties, Today Peter Minkoff is sharing a few tips on how to organize a memorable party!
Summer is here and Christmas isn’t even that far away, so if you’re already dreading organizing all those office parties, here’s something that will certainly help. While some people have a natural talent for throwing a perfect party, the rest of us need a little help from our friends (and by friends, we mean the Internet). Here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

Consult Your Guests

In order to organize a killer party that everyone will enjoy, you’ll have to please a large group of people, all with different tastes and ideas. While you won’t be able to satisfy everyone, you could organize an event that’s inclusive and respectful of your staff’s wishes. In order to come up with a good theme, try sending out a simple survey (SurveyMonkey or Google Forms work like a charm) and see what people are looking forward. This is also a perfect opportunity to see whether anyone suffers from any allergies or requires special menus. 

Save The Date

If you want your guests to arrive on time and stay until the end, you’ll need to set a good date for your office party. While choosing a weekday might be convenient for you, most people will not be thrilled with the idea. Fridays and Saturdays are always better because most people are free to stay late and have a few drinks without any consequences in the morning. No one wants an entire office of sleep-deprived and hung-over workers. 

Go Out Of The Office

Every office party should focus on your guests’ happiness and it should feel like a fun reward for their loyalty and dedication. So, why not get out of the office and host the event somewhere else, somewhere less stressful and more social? Office party doesn’t have to be held at the office as long as you have all your office staff present. Moving your party will give your guests a chance to see each other in a different light and a different environment which is always good for morale. An outdoor venue is also great since nature allows people to recharge and reset. 

Organize Some Entertainment

Office parties can often get to a rough start, especially for staff that’s more introverted. So, in order to get the party started and create a pleasant and inclusive atmosphere, why not provide some fun entertainment? Music and team games are always fun, but in order to make your party stand out, you can think outside the box and invite a mind-blowing mentalist to keep your guests entertained. Even those who are super shy and work-oriented will let go and enjoy the show! Some party games like beer pong or even Pictionary will get a lot of laughs as well. And don’t forget to prepare prizes for the winning individuals and teams—the funnier the better! 

Be Smart With Drinks

Christmas, Halloween and End-of-the-year office parties often contain a lot of alcohol—hell, you all deserve to let go! However, while certain companies don’t mind organizing a boozy event, others prefer to limit alcohol consumption and keep the behavior respectable. But, you can still offer a wide variety of drinks, but make sure to include different non-alcoholic options that will make avoiding booze more attractive. If limiting alcohol is a must, you can give out drink tickets (two or three per person) or ask your caterers and waiters to go easy on the refills. 

Decorate For The Win

While your venue certainly matters, you can make any space more attractive and appropriate for your office party with some decoration. If you’re celebrating Christmas, make sure to get a Christmas tree, some lights and cookies. Halloween can’t go without pumpkins, bats, witches and ghosts (and you can ask your colleagues to dress up). The good thing about holidays is that you just can’t overdo it with decoration. While you might need some extra help with decoration, this is truly the best part of every party organization. 
Even though it’s a work task, throwing an office party is not a chore! It’s a fun activity that brings amazing results and can benefit not only your staff but also your entire company. So, make sure to give it your all, listen to your coworkers and just have fun! 

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