Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Guest Post :: 5 Themed Summer Birthday Party Ideas

When I was in elementary school a part of me wished that I didn’t have a summer birthday. I felt like I was always missing out on the lunchtime celebration at school and passing out little cakes; I always came to my senses when I would think how much I would dislike actually having to go to school on my birthday. I always embraced having a full day to celebrate, and there was always a theme involved when it came to the birthday party. Not much has changed, I still love a good celebration and a fun summer themed birthday party. Today Peter Minkoff will be sharing a few fun summer themed birthday ideas!
Just because you’re an adult, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun themed birthday party! Summer children are really lucky because they can enjoy the nice weather and take their themed parties outdoor and make the whole backyard their dance floor. So, if you’re looking forward to your summer birthday, here are five of the themes you can consider that will definitely get the party started and produce some hilarious photos! 

Patriotic BBQ Party

Summertime is made for celebrating your country and all its beauties and people. When practised in moderation and with respect, patriotism can be truly beautiful! So, why not celebrate your birthday while also celebrating your homeland? Grab your grill and prepare smoky BBQ, whip up some fresh salads, get some light summer desserts and make sure to provide plenty of craft beer. If you have a spare grill, fill it with ice and use it as an Instagram-ready cooler for your drinks! And don’t forget to show off your love for the country by buying plenty of little flags and dressing up in your country-inspired clothing. 

World Cuisine Party 

Barbecue is great and beloved by everyone, but it’s not exactly super unique and impressive. So, if you’re a self-proclaimed foodie and love to explore new cuisines, why not bring the world of cooking to you? If you know your friends are just as interested in culinary acrobatics as you, organize a World Cuisine party that will blow everyone’s taste buds away! And of course, you don’t have to cook. There are amazing catering services out there that handle everything from food prep, decoration and presentation. And if you find the right caterer, you can get the world on your plate, literally! You’ll get a true culinary rollercoaster that will take your from Nonna’s house to a New York bistro to bright lights of Singapore and back! You can really have an adventure of taste and impress all your foodie guests.  


If you want to organize something very mature yet exciting, why not go for a masquerade? If you rarely get to wear your expensive gown or your tuxedo, this is a perfect themed party for you. All your guests should come dressed for the event accompanied by some elegant masks. And when they arrive, surprise them with a beautifully decorated backyard together with a little stage perfect for ball dancing. And don’t forget to provide plenty of champagne to make the event even classier! Your dance floor, your masks and your champagne will make or break your masquerade, so make sure to really splurge on those. If you manage to get them right, your adult party will be a total success. 

Beach Party

Beach has no age limit—it’s beloved by kids, teens and adults alike. But if you live inland, it can be really hard to get enough of the beach, even during the summer. So, make sure to bring the beach to you and organize a fun beach party in your backyard! Fire up your fire pit and provide people with easy foods to roast, get plenty of light beachy cocktails (Sex on the Beach is a must) and play some nice and relaxing music. Make your dress-code super casual with shirts, shorts and flip-flops and you’ll get just the right vibe of those beach parties you used to attend when you were younger. Even friends who think themed birthday parties are for kids will love this kind of party. 

Hollywood Party

If you’re itching for Halloween and can’t wait to whip out your next costume, make Halloween come early this year by organizing a fun Hollywood birthday party. Since movies are something everyone enjoys, so make it a theme of your party and ask all your guests to dress up as their favorite movie stars or movie directors. Blast soundtracks from movies and watch as your guests have a blast on the dance floor/your lawn. Keep drinks and foods classy (after all, you have all these movie stars in your backyard) and you’ll create just the right atmosphere. It’s really amazing how crazy and relaxed people can get when they are in a costume, so expect a lot of hilarious photos! Your Instagram will blow up! 
Adult birthday parties don’t have to be boring get-togethers with just dinner and wine! Pick one of these themes and organize the best summer party that will get you going hard until the morning. 

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