Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year's Eve Dresses

Full disclosure: I have never been a fan of going out, out on NYE. Where I live, Nashville, pretty much everywhere is jammed packed by 9:30, and 200,000+ people will be in downtown on Broadway for the guitar drop. Then to top it off there always seems to be that one weird guy who tries to kiss you at midnight…let’s face it – is there any one out there can honestly say they want to kick off the New Year with a kiss from someone who comes off as being a little weird…

Don’t get me wrong, I love to go to events, be social, and basically love any excuses to dress up, but for New Year’s Eve dinner with a few friends or just staying in to watch a movie and do a little R&R is much more my speed. This year I am strongly considering staying in, watching  movie {The Intern}, snack on some popcorn mixed with M&Ms, watching the ball drop, then slipping into a nice warm bed afterwards.

However, going out or not I will pretty much use any excuse to rationalize buying a new dress, and New Year’s Eve just happens to be a perfect excuse to treat yourself to a fun new dress!


  1. Love love LOVE the black one with the fringed skirt!


    Enjoy reading your blog. Have a nice week.

    1. So happy to hear you enjoy my blog! I hope 2016 is treating you well!