Friday, July 10, 2015


Starting back in June I started to see Soldos Espadrilles all over Pinterest and Instagram and on other blogs, and I pretty much feel in love with their look.  Their espadrilles are classic and they tie with a bow – what more could a girl ask for!

I totally love how these classic retro shoes have made a come back in the past few years. Does anyone else remember how in the 90s Laura Ashley had baskets full of espadrilles sitting around their store? I definitely owned at least five pair of those, but only the ones that tied in a bow, naturally. Even at the age of eight I loved shoes… Here are a few of my favorite Soldos espadrilles.
Leather Sandal


  1. These are so cute for summer! I love the striped ones in the first photo.
    xx, emily //

    1. I love all of them - they are so retro and cute!