Friday, December 13, 2019

Christmas In Winter Hill

One thing that I wish I had done more in 2019 is read more. There just always seemed to be something going on; 2019 was an extremely busy year. Luckily things seem to be slowing down just in time to be able to enjoy the holiday season, settle down, and read a few Christmas books. I mean what better way to get back in the habit of reading than with a few Christmas themed books.
Christmas in Winter Hill is the first book I have read of Melody Carlson’s and I completely loved it! I honestly could not put the book down – I read it in like a day. The story line was so sweet and the town sounds just as perfect as the cover looks. 

Krista Galloway, a single mother who grew up in foster homes, decides to move with her daughter, Emily, to Winter Hill, Washington. Ironically, upon arrival, Krista discovers she has moved them to a town who is famous for their Christmas celebration, one of her least favorite times of the year… Emily falls in love with the town upon arrival claiming that it feels like they are living in a storybook, if only it would snow. 

The town’s Christmas spirit is so infection that even Krista starts to get wrapped up in the excitement of the Christmas season. However, with every move there are a few big bumps along the way, and Krista’s job as city manager unfortunately puts her in the middle of some major bumps to the point where Krista and Emily have to make a decision to stay or move to another town…

I highly recommend Christmas in Winter Hill, by Melody Carlson. It has such a sweet story line and will wrap you in a blanket of Christmas filled with joy, hope, and thankfulness. 

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