Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Favorite Summer Hair Products

As vain as this sounds, as long as I am having a reasonable good hair day I can take on pretty much anything. For me summer months are the most challenging when it comes to hair; fact: curly hair + heat + humidity do not always mix well, and I eventually start to long for those cool fall days when frizz has come and gone.  However, over the years I have found some hair products that work great with my hair in the summer!
Evo Liquid Rollers Curl Balm// This right here is my ride or die hair product. If I was on an island and could only have one beauty product with me this would be the one. It helps keep my hair soft and curls flawless!

DryBar Southern Belle Shampoo// I have loved every since shampoo I have purchased from the drybar! Right now the Southern Belle is my current favorite – it seems to help keep my from getting dry and from becoming too frizzy

Caviar Anti-Aging// Okay, I will admit this shampoo doesn’t have a different effect on my hair when you compare it to summer and fall; I just love the fact that there is an anti-aging shampoo out there. 

Double Standard// This is such an easy product to use! Sometimes, when my hair isn’t that in need of a wash and I just want to freshen it up this is the only thing I use. It is a mouse, but act as a 2-in-1 conditioner. It is such an amazing product! My hair always feels super clean and tamable after I use this product.

Sparkling Soda// I warned you all that I am a fan of the drybar! Sometimes during the warmer months my hair loses its shine and this product always helps to lock it back in!

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