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Guest Post :: 5 Table Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

What’s a Wedding Without a Reception? 
Tying the knot is a special occasion that certainly calls for a feast with close family and friends. It only makes sense to plan this event with great attention to detail. 
One of the ways you can enhance a wedding reception is to create memorable table decorations and centerpieces. Check out some of the ideas and photos below for the inspiration you need for your big day’s after-ceremony gathering.
Golden Stars
Make your wedding reception shine with a celestial-themed table decoration. 
Set your gold and luminescent starry décor against simple white linen overlays, along with an alabaster lucca table runner to achieve a bright and light look. 
You can sprinkle the table with gold leaf dust, or place star-shaped candle holders as part of your centerpiece for a lustrous look. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, use black candles to add a hint of nighttime. 
For your floral arrangement, go for white ranunculus or hybrid tea roses – perfect with their light yellowish petals – and set them on gold vases. 
If you want a shabby chic approach, copper tins are an affordable alternative to traditional vases. Use plain white dinnerware rimmed either with gold and silver for effortless elegance. When it comes to the glasses and plates, a little shimmer will go a long way.
Rustic Charm
Nothing speaks cozy better than a charmingly rustic wedding reception. 
Bring the country indoors by setting rawhide linen or overlay on your wedding table. The distressed leather will add richness, warmth, and flair to the atmosphere. A runner in a pale shade of blue - evoking cool patches of the cool, autumn sky - against a cream banquet table will also work great with the rustic theme. 
Instead of using placemats, set plain white china on wooden charges instead. These rustic pieces complement a seasonal fare or a course of antipasti served on wooden boards. Loose flower arrangements – dusky roses, splashes of lilac, or protea flowers hand-tied with wicker string – will surely enliven any reception table. 
Want something even more charming? Place flowers in water cans for a homespun feel.
Poignant Pastel
Simple weddings don’t have to be dull. Having pastel colors as a theme for a wedding reception is a great canvass to play with décor. 
Add monogram details on invitations, seating signs, and giveaways. For the centerpieces, ditch the vase and go for transparent apothecary jars for larger floral arrangements, and bottles for longer stemmed flowers. These glass items are easy to find and come in a range of shapes and sizes. Plus, they’ll look great under any lighting. 
Since pastel is easy on the eyes, it can be paired with a broad spectrum of fabric colors: think greyed blue tones for your napkins, or a bright purple for your table runners or accent pieces. It’s a perfect way to blend feminine mystique with suave masculinity.
Be Bold
White is the usual go-to theme when it comes to weddings, but you can be a little more daring at the reception by opting for bold prints in your table decoration. 
Bright colors and vibrant patterns can make for an eye-catching gathering with your guests, and the best place to start is with your fabrics. 
Having a summer wedding? Oversized floral linens in shades of purple and pink will call to mind flowering, tropical gardens. 
Make the setup even more interesting by scatterings flowers on the table for your centerpiece. Place exotic single blooms of orchids, protea, or passion flower to create an Instagram-worthy mood. 
For some added drama to your décor, balance the flowers with mini bouquets. These gorgeous tropical plants will add texture and edginess to your already buzzworthy wedding reception.
Maximizing Minimalism
Wedding receptions are often extravagant affairs with lavish decorations. But even a minimalist approach can deliver maximum impact if your decorations are done right. 
BBJ Linen’s article about minimalist wedding ideas gives us some insight into how to create a minimalist wedding reception. 
Minimalism is all about purpose and clarity, and what better way to express this philosophy in your décor than by playing with shapes. Go for geometric dinnerware in unexpected colors like black, taupe, chrome or grey, and pair them with simple, white linen to accent the lines and points. 
Opt for textured table runners to add a tactile dimension to the décor. Small, angular metal candle holders lend an industrial feel to the furnishings, especially when set against a wooden table. 
Going for warm minimalism? Opt for benches instead of individual chairs. Looking to go futuristic? Turn your eyes to sculptural pieces for sleek, contemporary seating. Go for sparse floral arrangements like sprigs of greenery for a truly restrained aesthetic, or succulents in glass terrariums to instantly elevate your tablescape. This way, you’ll certainly be doing more with less. 
 Article written by: Megan Wenzl

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