Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Orphan Mother

Confession: I am kind of a history nerd so historical fiction is definitely up my alley! Back in January I went on a tour of the Carton Plantation and a few copies of The Orphan Mother was available in the gift shop, so of course I had to pick up a copy. I put off reading this book for so many months because about 9 years ago I read The Widow of the South and it is a fantastic read and I absolutely loved it, but I felt like it took me forever to read. I almost cannot believe I am about to say this but I actually like The Orphan Mother better than the Widow of the South; both are wonderful books, but The Orphan Mother had history, rivalry, mystery, love, and tragedy, and it just made for a more entertaining read.

In the few years after the Civil War Mariah Reddick, former slave to Carrie McGavock (Widow of the South), has been building a new life for herself post-slavery as a midwife to the women of Franklin, TN. Mariah has a son, Theopolis, with strong beliefs and political ambition who is not afraid to express his views in a public setting and desires to bring about change and be part of history. On the day that Theopolis is supposed to give his big speech he is murdered shortly after he takes to the stage. Mariah finds that her world is breaking apart and wants to know how could such a thing a happen and the men responsible for the death of her only son.

Mariah sets out on a journey for truth, which leads her to unexpected people, George Tole being one of them. Tole is a recent new arrival to town, who is looking to escape his past and write a new story for him self but he soon comes to find that old ghost will still come to haunt you regardless of where he may live. Through Tole’s and Mariah’s friendship Tole forces Mariah to come face to face with the truth of the past.

The Orphan Mother is literally a book that you cannot put down after the first chapter. Hicks weaves an addicting story line, leaving you wanting just enough to the point where you find yourself say ‘just one more chapter before bed’. A must-read especially for those who love historical fiction.


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