Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Party Glassware

In the South we are all about tradition, family, and passing our treasured possessions down through many generations. I have to say, some Southerners have some glassware that is just absolutely to. die. for. that was their great-great-grandmother’s. Any holiday, special occasion, or family event all the family glassware, silver, plates, etc. are out on the table and ready to be used! However, the last thing you want to do is have a shindig outside of that and have one of your treasured possessions get broken {this could cause a Southern woman to swoon or have an outright fit}. So keep in mind whenever you have a shindig use some glassware that you won’t be upset about if it gets broken; after all it’s not really a party till something breaks. So let the good times roll this summer! Here are the perfect glasses for any occasion, and any refreshment would look simply fabulous in them! Click on the name of the glass for the link. 
Now honey, this may be listed as wine glasses, but I promise any refreshment will look great in these glasses! Coca-Cola, Sweet Tea, Lemonade, even a frozen treat would look great in these glasses…Orange Sorbet with Prosecco poured over it sounds good to me! 

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