Sunday, January 17, 2021

Links I'm Loving

 I feel like we have been in 2021 a little longer than just seventeen day for some reason… I have my fingers crossed that by the time we are in the month of February everything will be a little calmer. I for one, am glad to say that 2020 is behind us. I don’t know how much longer Covid/the current way of living will go on, but at least 2020 is behind us and we are hopefully closer to going back to our usual daily routine. For now though I am doing my best to try to enjoy the slower pace of life and the extra free time. In the meantime here are five things I am currently loving! 

One// Slip Pillowcase

A few weeks ago I stated sleeping on a silk pillow case again {I don’t know why I stopped…} because I had a little rash on the side of my face from a makeup product I tried out and for some reason the side of my face I would sleep on at night would be swollen when I woke up in the morning {I was sleeping on a flannel pillow case, in case you were wondering}. I’ve been using the Slip pillowcases and I am in love with them – they have been such a lifesaver, skin wise. I think the silk material keeps your skin from getting to hot at night and as an added bonus, I’ve noticed my hair has looked much better in the morning!


Two// Harbor Blue House Instagram

If you are a fan of blue and white interiors, you need to follow Harbor Blue House ASAP! I just came across their account a few weeks ago and all of the photos are just so stunning and so perfect. Harbor Blue House has definitely made its way into my 10 ten favorite Instagram accounts!


Three// Sarah Flint Hidden Garden Scarf 45

If you are a regular reader of my blog, than you know all too well that I am a big fan of Sarah Flint; if you are new to the blog be sure to check them out! Lately I have been loving the comeback of the silk scarf. Right now the 45 is my favorite just because you can do so much with it since it is on the smaller side… you can use it as a hair tie, an added decorative touch to your favorite handbag, or simply as a fun accessory to wear on your neck. I especially love the print and color combination of this one. Be sure to use code SARAHFLINT-BALAURENK at checkout or click here to receive $50 off of your first Sarah Flint purchase!


Four// Chocolate-Marshmallow Linzer Heart

I feel like Valentine’s Day is further away than just four weeks…it’s probably because I am still stuck in holiday mode. What can I say – I’m just not ready for all the decorations and twinkle lights to come down yet. But I am here for a holiday whose official colors are pink and red! This Linzer Heart cookie recipe is too cute and too perfect not to make for Valentines 


Five// On Cloud x Sneakers

There is a reason why On Runs are so popular!  Personally, I love the endless amount of color combination they are offered in and they are just so comfortable! 

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